Tuesday, March 31


Didn't all of us have a plastic shark as a tub toy at some point? Did your shark look anything like this?

Mine didn't.

Could your plastic tub shark attack this?

Wouldn't it have been awesome to pretend your tub shark could attack this?

Not long after receiving our Noah's Ark, we received a box of toy animals from Schleich. There was no comparison. Schleich goes above and beyond in regards to quality. Just look at these adorable action figure animals!

I discovered the beauty of Schleich several years ago in our local Ace hardware store. The Schleich figurines are cleverly located beside the checkout line in the center of the store. My kids love looking at them and playing with them while I shop. I've never worried about them damaging the toys because these things are just too durable to be concerned about.

Yes, every time we left, they inevitably asked if they could have one, pretty please, just one? But the price was even more amazing than the products and I've never said no. The beautifully detailed elephant runs just $5.00. The adorable cats and dogs and such run between $1.50 - $3.00. We don't visit Ace Hardware more than once a month. This is a doable expense.

A few years ago, a friend was lamenting that her boys regularly wore out their toy horses. Having never seen a worn out toy horse, I had to ask for more details. Apparently, they frequently galloped the horses hind legs off on her carpet fields. I recommended Schleich. Today, I asked her how they were holding up and she said they have dozens and dozens of Schleich horses and they never wear out.

As tough as they are, they aren't hard. They are neither soft and flimsy nor hard and brittle. The toys are made of high-quality vinyl plastic and hand painted using non-toxic paint.

Schleich's collections include much more than farmlife and wildlife. Browse around and you'll find Smurfs, dinosaurs, knights, and even wildlife for building backgrounds. There is much more, go see for yourself. I buy mine locally, but I found this website online that shares them at great prices with a flat $5.00 shipping no matter how many you buy: Really Great Toys. They are also available at other stores too big for my small town, such as Target and Toys R Us. These make awesome additions to Easter Baskets!

I love that companies like Schleich still exist. Companies that take pride in their products. This quote from their website sums up their philosophy: "Educational aspects play a more important part than possible sales potential." Yes, I will happily be a lifelong customer to a company with values like that.

For more thoughts on the enchanting Schleich toys, see The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew.


Jessica said...

i had no idea such a thing existed--and our very own hardware store no less! luke loves playing with animals but we only have a few. i think i'll be making a trip over to ace before his birthday...

Mel said...

Jacob loves going to Ace so he can play with the animals and the tractors they have. I don't know if they're made by the same company, but he had even bought a couple of the cowboy/Indian figurines with the tepee and horses. And yes, they are very durable!

aunt misty said...

Alyssa loves them too. We are starting her own little animal collection. They carry them at AC Moore and Michael's craft stores as well.

Christy said...

I drool over these things. Seriously.

Jennifer in MS said...

Thanks for the recommendation! These are now on my must-buy list for my Luke. He loves little figurines! I especially love the American Frontier ones.

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