Tuesday, March 17

St. Pattie's

We're doing some of the same stuff we did last year and having friends over to help celebrate. We have green kool-aid, Corned Beef and Cabbage, Irish Soda Bread, sugar cookies with green frosting, and a not-so-green bunt cake. The cake was supposed to be green, but I forgot to add food coloring before baking it. I'll give it green frosting instead. I had originally planned on adding green dye, peppermint flavoring, and chocolate chips but I completely forgot about that by the time I put it in the pan.

The boys have decorated the house with green paper chains and banners. We discovered the beauty of Pandora and are listening to Irish Reels today!

I hope y'all are having a fun day today! If you have more ideas to share, please dish away in the comments section!


Debbie said...

We are studying St. Patrick's Day too. See some great links at my site.


Remember the guy who started St. Patrick's Day today... St. Patrick himself.


Mel said...

Very festive! Sounds so yummy, all that good food! And sounds like a lot of fun!

Maritez said...

We did a few cute crafts too, but I'm saving my corned beef & cabbage for the weekend. I had a friend who used to bring me Irish soda bread every year and now I haven't had it in so long, thanks for the link...I might need to make it to go along with my corned beef dinner!

Christy said...

how fun!

I LOVE corned beef and cabbage :) I haven't had it in years. Would you share the recipe?

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