Tuesday, May 19


Chris surprised us all with breakfast out yesterday. We recognized our waitress from church. She was very sweet and was serving us our meal when Honor piped up out of NOWHERE: "Mama, were you serious about us needing to pray first or were you just joking?"

The waitress snorted.

I have no idea what she was talking about.

#1 I hadn't said a word that morning to even bring up the conversation.
#2 The child has never gone a single meal without praying.
#3 This is the child that looks at us suspiciously when we don't say grace over snack time, as if we're trying to trick her into a mortal sin.

Aware that it could only appear to our waitress that I had tried to get the kids to ACT like we're in the habit of praying before meals, I tried to sort out Honor's crazy statement. I leaned over and asked, "Don't you always pray before your meal?"

"No," she said, in a tone that sounded so sincere and confused as to why I would ask such a thing.

I gave up. The waitress will have to think I'm a loser. And a faker. The faker part was probably the hardest to shrug and go on with. But God really has taken me a long way these last few years. Before, I probably would have cornered the waitress and begged her to believe me. I've embraced my inner white-trash mama and I'm okay with it.
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wedogmomma said...

oh man.....not worrying about what other people think of us.....
Mommy stuff 101!
I've flunked that course dozens of times! But God's a gracious prof.
He keeps retesting me.....
way to fly through it.......YOU PASSED :D

Mel said...

That is definitely something I need to embrace is not worrying what others think....that's a toughie.

Nezzy said...

That's our girl. Gott'a love her.

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