Tuesday, August 18

Molly's Digest

I had another opportunity to review an edition of Molly's Money-Saving Digest. September's theme is Frugal Decorating. I am a HUGE fan of country cottage decor, but you'd never know it by looking at my house. I was excited to find some tips on changing that.

All in all, I didn't come up with many specific tips.

The first article was about couponing and it was more of a teaser than a help. It seems there will be lessons in upcoming issues and it sounds like they will be VERY helpful in bringing down the food budget. A link was shared to the author's website where the lessons are shared free online.

As for decor, one article told me how to make a binder of specific home details to take with me shopping. Two articles encouraged me to fix up old furniture, though they weren't specific on how. One article DID give me specific instructions and taught how to paint with a distress finish. Yummy sounding fall recipes were shared, an article on collecting more dust-catching items to look pretty around the house, and lists of September days and sales to remember. It ended with a great article on incorporating all five senses in home decor that I really liked, and it came with lots of great links.

I think the Molly Digests are great for those just starting out and new to setting up home and budget or for those that are brand new to the idea of budgeting. Otherwise, I think it is one more thing to read and one more dollar spent (well, five actually.) The links shared in this release are wonderful, but they are all to blogs which can be read for free online. They're pretty easy to find and one of the author's (sharing instructions found on another blogger's site) said that the original blog entry probably explained it better than she could in the article.

To quote Molly at the end of this digest: "I guess my "showestring" is a little skinnier than the mainstream publications realize!" Another $5 for cute, fun information is fine....but I think I'll opt for free.


Nezzy said...

Well, pat myself on the back and do a little happy dance! I saved a whopping $12.70 using coupons last shopping trip. Implementing tips and a little more effort it could be more. Oh country decor, Ya'll know how contryfied my dwelling is and yes, it reeks of mulberry essence. Have a great day enjoying the things you love.

Anonymous said...

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