Wednesday, September 30

Hot Pockets!

I have a few reviews going and some blog redesign taking up my brain (and housecleaning) this week, so this morning, I resorted to feeding the family hot pockets for breakfast. Yes, truly lazy and non-nutritious.

I hadn't done it before and I won't do it again.

Chris kept singing "Death Pocket" and giggling.

Then he showed me this, so I could understand:


Andrea said...

So, Jenn, here's what we really want to know...

Have you ever tried a Hot Pocket Hot Pocket? ROFLMBO!

We are seriously laughing over here. (I'm even coughing. It's serious!) Every time the guy says, "Hot Pocket" Jackson adds, "YUM!" (From the Red Robin commercial.) LOL

Nezzy said...

Too funny. It took forever to load but I laughed till I cried. Golly gee, I kinda' like the little things, especially dipped in hot mustard sauce. Maybe I should think twice.

Have a good one. Love ya... :o)

wedogmomma said...

your house must be a house of giggles :D
it's good for the soul!

Kristenph said...

This guy is hilarious. He has a lot of Hot Pockets material. I haven't been able to think of Hot Pockets without laughing for several years now. Someone loaned us a DVD of him one time and some of his other stuff we couldn't watch.

Shanna said...

hmmm...I'm guessing your hot pockets were much better than the poptarts we had for breakfast!

BTW,I've been meaning to get you the link to the crocheted hat pattern I used. Actually, I've been meaning to write a crochet post, but haven't got around to it. Here's the link.

I did add a few extra rounds as I found that this pattern was even too small for my little Levi. I've easily adjusted this pattern to make a man's hat and toddler's hat as well.

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