Sunday, September 20

It's the little things

The picture has nothing to do with my whiny post. She's just adorable. And is still losing that tooth - any time now. Pay no attention to my elderly looking thumb. My veins flow with Dr. Pepper and coffee and I don't know why I bother with moisturizer if I'm going to turn myself into a prune from the inside out. Switch to water or start moisturizing my hands? Neither. You see my thumb. It's too late to bother now.

Anyhow....I just felt like whining a little this morning. So before anyone else wakes up, I'll sit down and whine to you and God. I'm tiiiiiiiiired. We're having Honor's birthday party after church today and I have no pep in me to decorate a cake or supervise the application of sequins and stickers to craft projects. My alarm went off at midnight last night. Only, I didn't look to see that I had turned on the wrong alarm....the UNset alarm that automatically sets to 12:00 am....No, I hit snooze. I try not to hit snooze too often, but I was so very tired at midnight that I just couldn't help hitting it repeatedly and willing myself to move in between beeps. I did eventually figure it out and set a different alarm.

The other thing that kept me up was asthma.....we haven't found it yet, but I'm pretty sure there's more mold. It could just be allergies. We'll see.

And finally, the last thing that kept me awake, and nervous, was Honor. She woke up itching and wanted bug bite medicine. I pulled back her pajamas to see hives. The child had hives! I have no idea what could have caused them, but they're an allergic reaction to something, aren't they? We gave her knock-off benadryl and she was fine. Generally, benadryl has her bouncing off the walls for hours, but this one didn't. Thank you, Lord, for those little things.

This morning, even though I am QUITE certain I did no invite her, Aunt Irma arrived early to help me prepare for the birthday party. *insert groan* I now have to hunt for something other than those light khaki pants I was originally going to wear.

While hunting for, ahem, supplies, I ran across a Nestle's Treasure Dark Chocolate. I stash those there, where I know I'll need them most. But I always forget until I start digging in the basket. Thank you, Lord, for those little things.

The other alarm is now announcing that it's time to wake everyone up. Now that the whole house will be awake, I can relax and enjoy my family all together, as we prepare to visit the church and worship our Saviour.

I'm totally lying. It's the entire family, together, getting ready for 8:000 service on a Sunday morning. There will be tears from someone this morning, I guarantee it.

BUT, the ring tone going off to wake everyone up, is Business Time. And who can help but smile with a little thing like that?


Andrea said...

Sorry your night and morning have not gone as planned or as you had hoped. Becca woke up to a basement full of water from all the heavy rain. Sounds like it's not going to be a good day all around!

Hope your day gets better and that you have fun at Honor's party! Grab those sequins and get ready to SHE-DAZZLE!! :D

Nezzy said...

It might have been a rocky start, but it was a great birthday party!!!
I witnessed the adults and children having a blast, you little hostess with the mostess!!! Love Ya....

Jessica said...

so that's why you were wearing the brown pants yesterday... ;) seriously, you looked cute. you are very clever to hide chocolate there. i think i might have to try that myself!

Jenn said...

Ha! No, the brown pants were in case of, well, awkward Aunt Irma situations while on stage. I hate day just never know how it'll go and can't much prepare....except to wear dark pants and hope for the best.

Shanna said...

My Aubrey used to get hives this time of year...(usually Fall and Spring). It only happened a couple of years, (I think she was 4 and 5). We attributed it to allergies and Benedryl (or the cheap equivilant of :o) ) always seemed to do the trick.

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