Saturday, October 3

Out with the old and in with the new

I was planning on getting most of our history reading books from the library this year, but have found most of them at used book sales through the summer. Pay a library late fee of $0.50 or buy it for the same amount? I opted for "buy".

And now I need a new bookshelf. Because I gave two away when I thought I'd cleared out extra books. Instead of sweet talking my dear hubby into building more shelves, I'm opting for getting rid of more books. I am going to list them right here (because that's the easiest route I can think of) so if you see anything you are interested in, email me at I'm listing stuff for moms, dads, kids, and education.

Something that would be REALLY fun, would be to see YOU list your used books on YOUR blog and then we could basically just swap. Because it's fun. And with any yardsale or book sale I have ever participated in, I have always come home with the same amount of stuff that I left with....but it was different stuff. Wanna join me? Doesn't it sound like fun to simplify and get rid of the extra clutter?

Prices listed include shipping costs. I will combine shipping. Postage Paid prices are for continental U.S. only. If you live outside that, I'll still ship to you, but we'll need to chat about postage.

Friendly Chemistry
by Joey and Lisa Hajda

I blogged about Friendly Chemistry HERE.
"Retail cost for one student edition is $75.00 (330pp, ring-bound). Retail cost for the teacher's edition is $60.00"

My price for both books is $50 ppd.

Further Up and Further In
by Diane Pendergraft

I blogged about this book HERE.

Retails for $62.00
My price is $25 ppd

Christian Studies Book 3
by Memoria Press

I blogged about these books HERE.

Student book and Teacher's book. $20.00 for both, ppd.

Just Give Me A Little Piece of Quiet
by Lorilee Craker
60 mini-retreats for a mom's soul
"With a little encouragement and some spiritual refreshment, these home-grown stories will help you laugh at life's most embarrassing moments, remember treasured memories, and put things back into perspective."

But I never read it, so I can only tell you what the back of the book says.

$3.00 ppd

How Could You Do That?!
The Abdication of Character, Courage, and Conscience
by Dr. Laura Schlessinger

Illustrates Dr. Laura's philosophy of personal responsibility.

Never read opinion to offer.

$3.00 ppd

The Bluest Eye
by Toni Morrison

Toni Morrison's first novel which was selected for Oprah's Book Club and won The Nobel Prize in Literature.

Because it is an Oprah's Book Club selection, I have not read it, nor will I. Never had a good experience with an Oprah book. Never.

$3.00 ppd

A Fortunate Grandchild
by Miss Read

A story of Miss Read's memories of her two grandmothers living in London in the shadow of the first World War.

Again, never read it.

$3.00 ppd

A Dance with Deception
Revealing the Truth Behind the Headlines
by Charles Colson

A compilation of the radio program "BreakPoint" commentaries.

Well compiled - a good read.

$3.00 ppd

by Frank McCourt

A positively awful memoir sequel to the equally horrific memoir "Angela's Ashes". If you liked Angela's Ashes, you'll love this. I promise not to judge you. Let's just point out right now the terrible fact that, yes, I read both books cover to cover. Hated them. But couldn't put them down. I feel like I need another shower just thinking about them.

$3.00 ppd

The No. 1 Ladie's Detective Agency
by Alexander McCall Smith

I didn't like this one either. It is supposedly hilarious and insightful. Many people love it. L.A. Times calls it "smart and sassy". There are several sequels. Except sequels refer to book #2, right? Is there another word for book #3 or 4?

Let's list it under "heart tugging fiction". But not really. Yet, again, let's point out that I KEPT READING IT ANYWAY.

$3.00 ppd

At Home in Mitford
by Jan Karon

The first book in the Mitford Series. A very...peaceful book. Very well written, it makes you yawn and stretch with contentment. Yes, I said yawn, but it's still a good book. If I had the rest of the series, I'd read them on rainy afternoons...but I wouldn't go hunting them up to read at any other time.

$3.00 ppd

This is not the Captivating book, it is the Study Guide. I am combining this with the Captivating Heart to Heart Facilitator's Guide by Stasi Eldredge.

Both books for a total of $3.00 ppd

The Wonderful Way Babies are Made
by Larry Christenson

Recommended by My Father's World, this is an excellent introduction to discussing families, babies, and sexual intimacy for Christian families. Kid-friendly and thoughtfully written.

$5.00 ppd

Parenting With Love and Logic
Teaching Children Responsibility
by Foster Cline MD and Jim Fay

Insightful parenting book. Great dialogue examples. Especially good for families opposed to spanking, but looking to incorporate necessary consequences. I don't agree with everything in the book, but it has a lot of merit and I can think of MANY families that could benefit from reading it.

The version shown is not the same edition as mine. Mine is the 3rd printing, 1991, ISBN 0-89109-311-7


$4.00 ppd

Slow and Steady Get Me Ready
the How-to book that Grows with your Child
by June R. Oberlander

260 weekly developmental activities from Birth to Age 5.

Excellent book - I first heard of it through The Well Trained Mind and am a big fan. Simple activities to do with your child, easy to set up using household items (if any). Designed to maximize intellectual growth, it matches activities age appropriate brain developmental stages.

$5.00 ppd

Building Character
Personal Devotions for Children
by Betty Ward Cain

Private devotions for children, teaching character building values. Includes devotions, bible verse studies, recipes, songs,a nd craft activities for children ages 8-12. Most can be completed without adult assistance.

$5.00 ppd

Officer Buckle and Gloria
by Peggy Rathmann

Fun children's story about an officer who shares safety tips with students and the talented dog who assists him. Caldecott Medal Book.

$3.00 ppd

Let's Get Ready for First Grade
by Linda Desimowich and Stacey Kannenberg

"Follow along with Ms. Best, the Cedar Valley Kids and Yodie the Coyote who makes learning vowels and constants, vowel sounds, compound words, contractions, the solar system, counting money, measuring, fractions and more exciting for everyone!"

It is a small book for so much content, but the content is there and fun and colorful.

$3.00 ppd

Writing Strands
Level 3

From the National Writing Institute. Definitely not the same edition as the one shown here, mine is a 1988 printing that looks like a hand-typed printout with comb binding. Not attractive, but if you are familiar with the Writing Strands books, you'll understand how little that matters.

$3.00 ppd

The Day the Circus Came to Town (Hardcover)
by Melody Carlson

Beautifully illustrated allegory about listening to your heart when God extends His invitation.

$3.00 ppd

Robert series by Barbara Seuling
Illustrated by Paul Brewer

Set includes Robert and the Instant Millionaire Show, Robert and the Sneaker Snobs, Robert andt he Clickety-clackety Teeth, and Robert andt he Embarrassing Secret. Fun books for your 2nd grader. All four books for $5.00 ppd.

American Adventure books
My boys and I love these books. They aren't super easy to find though, so when I see one, I snatch it up. Using this unorganized method of acquiring books, I have accumulated a few duplicates. The books I need to get rid of are:

#8 Maggie's Choice
#39 Battling the Klan
#33 Marching iwth Sousa
#35 Prelude to War
#40 The Bootlegger Menace

Price is $3.00 ppd per book or $10.00 for all four.

Focus on the Family's
Christian Heritage Series
by Nancy Rue

I have
The Charleston Years Teaching Guide
The Chicago Years Teaching Guide
The Santa Fe Years Teaching Guide
The Salem Years Teaching Guide
The Salem Years book "The Stowaway"

Each book is $2.00 ppd or $7.00 for all of them

Landmark Book
The United Nations in War and Peace
by T.R. Fehrenbach

I, um, was going to list this for $15.00 (a decent price for any Landmark book, I think) but did a search for an image and realized it was going for $95.00 elsewhere. Apparently, this is the last printed Landmark book. Interesting. I picked it up at a library book sale during "fill a bag for a dollar" day.

Let's try $50.00 ppd. I have two copies of this. Don't ask me why. It was there. It said Landmark. And like I said, it was fill a bag for a dollar day.

The Scarecrow of Oz
by L. Frank Baum

My copy is not the one shown, though they look very similar. The only difference is that my background is red where the one shown is yellow Mine is ancient, but tough paperback.

$5.00 ppd

Flicka, Rick, and Dicka and their New Skates
by Maj Lindman

My copy has the same picture as that shown, but my cover is not in full cover. The excellent illustrations within are full cover. Hardback in very good condition, but unfortunately has library stamps within. I bought this classic to enjoy with my daughters but I never could get past the crazy names. It didn't feel so much "classic" as it did "silly".

$10.00 ppd.

Bible Story Songs

I reviewed this one. I remember reviewing it. Blogger has, apparently, eaten that post. Anyway, here is Volume 2 of Bible Story Songs: Moses, The Last 40 Years - Fed and Led in the Wilderness.

$3.00 ppd

Sonlight recommended
Adam of the Road
by Elizabeth Janet Gray

My copy is quite faded, but still has an excellent paperback binding. Newberry Medal

$3.00 ppd

Odds and Ends:
A few last books, no pictures because my hands are sore from typing.
None of these is worth more than a dollar, but the postage will cost at least that much. So consider these all $1.00 ppd, but it would be helpful if you just added them to another order and we called them free.

Dogson by Gary Paulson
The Borrowers Afloat by Mary Norton
The Berenstain Bear Scouts and the Coughing Catfish
The Berenstain Bears and the Showdown at Chainsaw Gap
The Giggler Treatment by Roddy Doyle
Pee Wees on Skis by Judy Delton
Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday
Christian Liberty Nature Reader book 1 2nd edition
The Wind int he Willows by Kenneth Grahame (*sigh*....a favorite)
The Statue of Liberty by Lucille Recht Penner a Step 1 Book from Step into Reading

Round #2:

The Writing Road to Reading
by Romalda Bishop Spalding
Fourth Revised Edition

The Spalding Method of Phonics for teaching speech, writing, and reading.

$6.00 ppd

The Preacher's Daughter
by Beverly Lewis

$3.00 ppd

Fall and Winter in North Carolina Forests
by Rosa Mullet
A Rod & Staff Publication

Okay, mean as it is, let's stop and laugh at the author's name. Is there a Mr. Mullet? And if so, what does his hair look like? Wouldn't it be ironic??

$2.00 ppd

Hans Brinker, or The Silver Skates
by Mary Mapes Dodge

My copy looks nothing like the copy shown. Mine is a very faded, creased paperback from the '80's.

$2.00 ppd

At Wit's End
by Erma Bombeck

"Bestselling trip to hilarity", again faded with one corner that looks likes I bit a corner off. I didn't. Honest.

$2.00 ppd

Better is One Day Devotional
30 Days of Worship

$3.00 ppd

Math for Christian Schools /4
Bob Jones University Press, Inc

I have the 1980 printing including Student book and Teacher's book

$6.00 ppd

Christopher Columbus
First Voyage to America
From the Log of the "Santa maria"
with 44 sepia illustrations

by Christopher Columbs
A Dover Publication

$5.00 ppd

I guess I didn't add a whole lot for round #2, but this is a crazy week and weekend and I need to call it quits for now.


Nezzy said...

Excellent idea, girl. Have fun swapping books, I know ya'll will.

Pop over a see the girls. I've got them up and blowin' bubbles! :o)

Have a super weekend. love ya

Jennie C. said...

Hey, do you still have Further Up and Further In? If yes, I'll take it. Along with Alexander Who Used To Be Rich Last Sunday. We love Alexander. :-)

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