Friday, October 30

Rattlesnake Rules

We were given the book Rattlesnake Rules to review this past week. After seeing how mesmerized the kids were in the Snake House at the Zoo, I thought it might be a good idea to stop avoiding the topic and projecting my fears onto my children. The fun illustrations made it a non-scary read for me. The colors were vibrant and glossy and we all enjoyed the pictures. The boys were able to easily read it themselves and both said they learned something they hadn't heard before. I know that I learned new things, but this didn't surprise me since I had avoided the topic of snakes like the plague.

It was a good balance of informative and fun, written primarily in rhyme. However, the rhythm was not consistent, which takes the fun out of reading a poem. Otherwise, we enjoyed it. I appreciated the Myth vs. Fact section at the back of the book as well as the teaching ideas section to assist teachers and homeschooling parents with extra study on the topic.

The book is written by Conrad J. Storad, who has written several fun learning books. He did an incredible job of taking something commonly feared and teaching a healthy respect for a fascinating creature. It is published by Five Star Publications. Five Star's website contains several goodies worth checking out.

This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by: Five Star Publications for this review.


Nezzy said...

Your not pullin' the wool over my eyes, I KNOW all snakes are satanic. Nope, no book, scientist or animal rights lover is going to tell me different!

I'm happy the kiddos are enjoying the "creepy devilish" snake book.

Have a good one! :o)

Andrea said...

I. Do. Not. Do. Snakes!

I don't care how cute they are in pictures or that they are kept safely behind glass in the zoo. Open a Science book to a snake and I startle. It's not pretty.

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