Monday, November 16

High-Ho, High-Ho

It's off to the doctor we go. Honor has had fever for 7 days now, so we have an appt. in an hour. I'm pretty sure it's now a secondary infection and not still the nasty flu. Gracie is up and running with nothing but a cough slowing her down. The boys had their bout last week and made it through it quickly. Chris and I have somehow avoided anything and I am so glad. Hopefully it will stay that way.


Jessica said...

i hope she feels better soon!

Nezzy said...

I pray your household heals and you get some rest!

Have a good day, love ya! :o)

Andrea said...

Wow, that's a long time for a fever! We have lots of coughs and snots going, but no fevers - a sure sign of allergies.

It doesn't help that we go back and forth between warm and cold, sun and rain. Crazy weather!

Hope Honor feels better soon!!

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