Saturday, January 2

Out with the old

I haven't blogged much this month, huh?

Let's see....what have you missed?

We celebrated Joel's birthday. He requested a Mario Bros. birthday theme:

He even tried to dress like Mario.

The entire family participated in the Christmas Post production. Ethan did lights, the other 3 were Newsies, Chris was a police officer, and I was the gal looking for a miracle.

I forgot to hand my camera over and this shot of the girls eating pizza between shows is the only one I have.

While running in church, Ethan ran into a wall and received a massive fat lip that has left a large knot of scar tissue in his lip that is affecting is ability to PLAY THE TRUMPET! How many times has his mother said "Don't run in church!" ????

No pictures to show, but I must share some amazing stuff that has happened in our home. You may recall that we've had a rough go of stuff lately. Looming ahead of us all season has been Chris' impending lay-off from work. Even WITH a job, we were having trouble meeting deadlines. attention here....God, Who had already taught us that He always takes care of us, has come through above and beyond and over the top over what we could imagine. We have received over $1000 in anonymous gifts this past month. We have also received several hundred in birthday/anniversary/Christmas gifts. It has been so humbling. Chris is now laid off, but our income is secure at least until our tax return and the tax return will see us through several months until a job is found. There is even enough left over to see a few house projects finished during his down time. Is God cool or what?

So now, we begin the new year with a clean slate. A truly clean slate. Our bills are paid for the moment, leaving time to pursue a new career. It's like leaving high school behind with the security of mom's cooking in the next room. We can start everything fresh and head where God leads without fear. 2010 is a year of new beginnings.

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Jenni said...

It's such a blessing to hear how God has provided for your family and how you all are putting your trust in Him and enjoying this opportunity for a fresh start. I'll be praying for the job situation, but it's wonderful to be reminded that God truly does supply all our needs and it doesn't always have to be in the ways we normally expect it.

Ginger@chirgies said...

So encouraging to hear how God is actively working in your lives. Will be praying for you and Chris to find what God has next in store for you. What awesome perspective you have and are living out for your kids. Hugs to you.

Andrea said...

God knows what He's doing. I know we get impatient at times, but He always comes through in His timing for our own good.

Looking forward to a great 2010!

Nezzy said...

Soooo Cool! I'm just thinkin' here about the first batch of tainted product that comes out of the plant 'cause no one else in the lab knows what the heck they're doing!

They'll be beggin' him to come back with a raise!!!

Nishant said...

God truly does supply all our needs and it doesn't always have to be in the ways we normally expect it.

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Anonymous said...

That is AWESOME!!! God is definitely soooo good! And He always provides.

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