Wednesday, March 17

Don't write limericks late at night.

There once was a loud girl named Jenn
whose cluck sounded much like a hen
Her gossip from town
caused her husband to frown
And force her to keep to her pen

A cool guy known only as Ike
had trouble when riding his bike
It suddenly crashed
His face was quite bashed
when he landed face-first on a pike

I'm really too tired to write
The clever bug just will not bite
My thoughts are so mired
for I'm simply just tired
To dreamland my thoughts will take flight

My monitor screen is spinning
My wits are quickly thinning
I very well know that
To bed I should go
So I will.


Jenni said...

I especially like the last one. That's how I felt last night. I'm going to claim it as the reason I could only think of one direction to go with a limerick. Sadly, my brain doesn't seem to be any sharper this morning. The time change has been especially hard to get used to this time around.

Andrea said...

LOL! In my research of limericks, I've learned that the best were a little dirty... but you know me... I don't do dirty language, but I DO do dirty diapers! *grin*

Since you asked me to post mine here, I will. :)

There was once a girl from Cabool
Who spent her days teaching homeschool
She cooked fries and soup
And cleaned snot and poop
While dreaming of summers at the pool!

Lawanda said...

You limerickally inclined people are simply Adorable! hahaha

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