Thursday, March 11

Why couldn't they have had these when my kids were babies?!?

Have you seen these things??

Exergen Corporation

We don't visit the doctor very often, but during our last visit we saw a nurse whip one of these out and gently slide it across my daughter's forehead. One second and beep! The nurse announced that she had no fever. "Wait..." my husband said. "That thing is a thermometer?"

Actually, no. It comes with a much fancier name than that. It's a "temporal scanner". And it is an incredible invention.

Exergen Corporation

I was tickled pink when I had the opportunity to review an Exergen Temporal Scanner Thermometer through MamaBuzz, as a gift from Exergen.

If you have kids, you want this. Trust me. If you have kids, you already know why, but in case you've somehow managed to have fever-free children up to this point, let me enlighten you as to why you want this....

Have you ever had to take a rectal temperature of a squiggly baby? Anyone? This horrific experience is highlighted with the sheer terror of the baby kicking and thus forcing the thermometer too far and rupturing a bowel. Also, the thermometer needs to be lubricated with petroleum jelly before administering a rectal temperature scan. I have never seen a temperature taken in this manner that did not end with poo. Oddly enough, none of my children ever seemed to mind any of the above situations. But I did. I really did.

Have you ever tried to take a temperature by placing a thermometer under a child's tongue? How about under the tongue of a mouth-breather? How many times did you have to say, "No, sweetie, don't bite it." How many times did you have to check that it was still actually under the tongue? This check always manages to accidentally jab the child under the tongue with a good poke from the thermometer while also managing to prolong the lengthy wait-time for that temperature-reading.

Have you ever tried to take a temperature under the arm? How many times did you google to figure out if you were supposed to ADD a degree or SUBTRACT a degree when taking a temperature under the arm? And were you ever successful in keeping your child still with the thermometer in place?

Have you ever tried to take a temperature in the ear? This one is fast. Blessedly fast. Except that it gives us random readings that range from 89 to 103 and everything in between as we try again and again and again to get an accurate reading. Generally, I take it 10 times and if two matching numbers show up, I shrug and hope that's what the real temperature is.

But now? Now I swipe a piece of sturdy plastic across their forehead and within 2 seconds I have an accurate reading! It is very easy to use. I had difficulty when I first tried it, but my dear husband pointed out that I needed to take the cap off first.



I had trouble the second time as well, but I finally realized that I was pressing it against my forehead very firmly. When I saw the picture of it being used on an infant, it dawned on me that no parent would ever ram it against their child's head like I was doing, so I then slid it softly across. I've had accurate readings ever since.

You can probably tell, but I don't read directions well.

What do I love about this thermometer?

*I love that tests have shown the Exergen Scanner to be even more accurate than oral or ear thermometer readings.
*I love that it is comfortable to hold and has just enough weight to it.
*I love that I don't have to disinfect it.
*I love that it automatically shuts off.
*I love that it runs off of an easily replaceable battery.
*I love that it gives no reason for tears...from child or from mom.

There are only two small things that keep it from being the most perfect invention I've ever seen. First, I'm not overly impressed with the cap. The cap is almost clear and is made of a thin plastic. It doesn't attach with a loop or anything; instead, it snaps on and off. When I'm checking a temperature in the middle of the night, I don't want to mess with finding the cap that I set down only to realize that I've stepped on it and cracked the plastic.

My other small thing is really small, but moms will understand. The display screen for the temperature reading is very clear and easy to a lighted room. In the dark, it is not back-lit. You will need to take the temperature and then sneak out of the bedroom to read the display screen. The temperature will continue to show for 30 seconds, which is wonderful. But if it were back-lit, I might complain about that too because it might be too bright and wake up or blind my child. Perhaps a light-up button would be the best choice, like you find on watches. Again, not a big thing to complain about by any means.

After I first saw this amazing invention, I scoured pharmacies for the longest time, but didn't see them anywhere. When I did finally find them, WOW, the price! But finally, they are now down to a reasonable price of a little over $30.00. And even better, here is a $5.00 Rebate Coupon! for the Exergen Temporal Scanners.

And even better than that? I have a giveaway for a free one!

To enter the drawing, all you need to do is leave a comment telling me either a story of your temperature-taking woes or a reason why you would like one of these. Extra entries will be counted for the really great and woeful tales. Another extra entry can be earned for blogging about this giveaway. You do not need a blogger account to enter, a good story and an email address will be plenty.

The winner will be announced one week from now.

Exergen Corporation


Lori @ Couponomic Stimulus Package said...

I would love to win this! My youngest doesn't like the cold of having the thermometer under her arm and can't quite get the hang of keeping it under her tongue.

Kristenph said...

I would really like this. I bought an ear thermometer with my last baby and that thing is CRAZY. The angle not quite right and it gives goofy readings. Not to mention the copious ear wax in our house....

Emily B said...

We're currently using a 30+ year old forehead thing that is like a mood ring (the colours change according to how hot you are). My parents used it on me when I was a kid, that's how old it is. It's not exactly the most accurate!
This sounds way better!
ebickell at hotmail dot com

Andrea said...

With two boys and three babysitting boys, OF COURSE I would LOVE one of those things!

I guess it's not really going to do me any good to blog about it, because my blog is set to private, but I can tell you a few stories while I'm here.

First of all, in this household, we have a strict policy, "Exit only, no rear entry!" So that right there rules out taking a rectal temperature. I'm sorry, but that is so GROSS! I always figured one of my kids would "poo" on me if I took their temperatures rectally. Now that they are older, I don't even SEE their bottoms, let alone take a rectal temperature! LOL And the little guys? Forget it! Not. Going. There.! I know you wash the thermometer and sanitize with alcohol... but G.R.O.S.S.!

We've never even tried the "under the tongue" method. There are just too many rules for that one - and besides, it's just annoying!

And the armpit one? Have you ever tried to get your toddler to hold a thermometer under his arm in the right location for oh... 20 hours?? Because that's certainly how long it FEELS like after you've hog-tied him and tried to hold him still while waiting for the silly thing to beep that it's finished! I have, and I retired that method as soon as I tried it too!

We bought one of those high dollar ear thermometers when our boys were little. We still have it - and we still use it - because it sure beats the above-mentioned methods. Sure, you have to guess whether or not it's accurate... Sure, you have to try and try again... but did I mention that it sure beats the above-mentioned methods?

So yeah, I'd love to have a brand spankin' new temporal fancy-schmancy gadget! Sign me up! :)

granny janny said...

I remeber using a thermometer on your dad and he bit it. The mercury seemed to be everywhere. I have a new grandbaby on the way, so I would like to have it.

Nan said...

Oh, I'd LOVE this! Do you really want our temperature taking woe stories? It involves Vaseline and baby poop... let's just say that. Not pretty.

Jessica said...

you know i want that thermometer. just address it to north dakota right now and save yourself some time, because i'll be winning this giveaway. :)

i have taken temps rectally and it has likely scarred me for life. the kids never seem to notice (how?!) but it freaks me out so i only do it when i KNOW they're too warm. when i've taken the kids to the doctor because they're sick and the nurse asks what their temp was i have to tell her i don't know because you know what? i'm their mother, i can feel that they are too warm, and i don't think that putting a vaseline covered thermometer in there will help anything.

so there! ha!

i've been meaning to get one of these for awhile but only remember when the kids are sick and then they're better before i get to the store to get i'll probably buy one if i don't win.

Nezzy said...

I'm gonna enter for Charity. We were just discussing the negatives of rectal temp. takin' yesterday and she could really use this sucker. Boy, we've come a long way baby!

Have a fun time with your giveaway!

Tara said...

That looks great! As a mom of 4 I've battled the thermometers. It always makes me sad when they are so sick and just tired they want to lay there. The poor kid doesn't have the energy to hold their arm still while the thermometer is under his arm. And worse yet they don't have the energy to let you hold their little arm down. This handy dandy magic wand would eliminate that issue, allowing me to cuddle them how they want to be cuddled.

Btw, found your blog several weeks ago. You have the best reviews I've seen on blogs. After reading your reviews I feel I have a much better handle on which products would work well in my family. Thanks, Tara ( stcranesnest at mac dot com )

Caralyn said...

Temperature taking woes? I just think that my little thermometer needs a clapper mechanism. Don't you find that when you have one that's sick that the thermometer gets put upstairs, downstairs, etc. Then when you really need it you can't remember where you put it!

Anyway, with four kids, this would be lovely to have. Do you ship to Canada (and if so, can you come with it???)

AmyLynn said...

I was really sick around Thanksgiving last year. I had a fever but wasn't sure how, so I decided to take my temp. I stuck the thermometer in my mom and waited until it beeped back with a reading. It beeped as usual but when I looked at the reading it said 86 degrees (which I knew was right) and decided to try again. Well, unfortunately my second reading wasn't any closer to be accurate at 76 degrees. I would love to win to have an easy and accurate thermometer in my household.

twifanheather said...

I would love to win one of these because it would be wonderful to own such an easy to use thermometer that actually gives accurate readings and works quickly!

sibabe64 said...

We have an ear thermometer and it's terrible. It didn't read my daughters fever properly so i tried it on me and my husband and it gave us 3 ridiculous readings and my husband and I weren't even sick.

sibabe64 at ptd dot net

sibabe64 said...

We have an ear thermometer and it's terrible. It didn't read my daughters fever properly so i tried it on me and my husband and it gave us 3 ridiculous readings and my husband and I weren't even sick.

sibabe64 at ptd dot net

Robyn said...

After taking my 3yo to the urgent care with a double ear infection and seeing one of these in action, I never want to stick something in her sore ears again!!!

coolestmommy2000 at gmail dot com

Jenn said...

Random Number Generator (tonight, it goes by the name of Chris) has chosen #7.....Jessica, that would be you.

Aura said...

As anyone who has a sick and feverish child who they tried to get an accurate temperature reading while the kids wriggle and scream can attest, any new option that can take the temperature quickly and quietly while the kids is actually sleeping is wonderful

Exergen Corporation said...

Your review of these several thermometers was very interesting. This will be helpful for any parent. Thanks for posting.

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