Thursday, May 20

Bad read

I ran across a book with an intriguing title: "The Secret History of the World as Laid Down by the Secret Societies."  It promised to explain the secret symbolism of national monuments and engravings and to bring to light many other hidden meanings.

I loved the movie National Treasure and this book sounded like a fun read.  The Introduction hooked me with it's 'what-if''s' and I dove weirdness.  The author goes on to describe, not just an esoteric history, but a religion steeped in the occult.  Freaky, freaky stuff.  And all the while, Lenin's embalmed body is dangling like a carrot, as I press on to see if there really is any interesting answer to the "why" of the what-if's.  Instead, it gave conjecture after conjecture.  It was fascinating, I can't deny it, but the logic was beyond bad.  Truly, I am a novice at logic, but even I can recognize how poor this is.  Basically, the entire book goes like this:

If a=b,
and b=c,
and c had a cousin that once dated this guy that looked like d,
then a=d.

Hundreds of those.

We know that Shakespeare was initiated in the secret histories because:
"The basic plot of The Taming of the Shrew comes from the A Thousand and One Nights.  The Arab title of A Thousand and One Nights, ALF LAYLA WA LAYLA, is a coded phrase meaning Mother of Records.  This is an allusion to the tradition that there lies hidden underneath the paws of the Sphinx, or in a parallel dimension, a secret library or 'Hall of Records', a storehouse of ancient wisdom from before the Flood.  The title A Thousand and One Nights means to tell us, therefore, that the secrets of human evolution are encoded within."

Psh.  Obviously. *snort*

I find it ironic that the publishing company is called Overlook Press, seeing how many spelling and grammatical errors they overlooked in publishing this book.

I'm 300 pages in and I have another 100 to go.  After investing this much effort to hear about Noah being Dionysus and a ruler of Atlantis, I want to tough it out to the end of, but then again....I've been reading about NOAH being Dionysus and a ruler of ATLANTIS and I can't believe I've read this far.


Nezzy said...

It sounds a bit twisted sister! I too loved the National Treasures...the unweirded version.

I've been asked to do my first book review. The book has been printed but not yet released....I do hope I like it!

God bless and have a great evening sweetie!

John said...

Since I neither read nor write well I am a novice at sitting down with a good book and obliterating what is left of my eyesight, however since my work habits (ie..job) lend to the practice of sitting down with a good book on cd while driving down the road I have LISTENED to several. Several being in the realm of 1100 or so according to my digital index of my home library.

It is amazing how far off a logical path some authors go to prove a personal bias.

As far as this book goes it sounds like the author would have been better off writing a fiction novel.

I rather enjoy fictions along these lines. Author Steve Berry comes to mind. The Alexandria Link, The Third Secret, The Templar Legacy etc etc. All very good fictions in my humble opinion. The book you describe (though I have not read or LISTENED to it) sounds like it would just make me annoyed.

Keep on posting Jenn. I very much enjoy your take on things maybe because I tend to agree with it so much!

Jenn said...

John, I haven't heard of any of these! I have a great respect for your opinion and am putting them on my library list right now! (they better not stink - lol!)

The scary thing is, I don't think it's just the author that believes these things. I think he is right that a lot of people, a lot of influential people, subscribed to these thoughts. It's downright demonic though. Yuck!

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