Thursday, May 27

Books 2010

Not nearly so organized this year, I'm trying to scrape together some list of what I've read so far on the 52 books challenge. Completely out of order, I'll just add to this post as the year goes on rather than slow down my load-time with a sidebar list.

From Eden to Exile
by Eric Cline

Grade: B
The book approaches some oft disputed biblical history from an archeological standpoint in an effort to dispel myth and hunt down truth. I didn't agree with him on practically anything, but he presents himself well and it was an interesting read. He does not include any possibility of divine intervention as explanation of anything he presents. Also, he insists that absence of proof does not mean absence of fact...when it is convenient for his point. At other times, he discredits events for lack of proof. Not contradictory proof, mind you, lack of proof. It was still a good read, despite this minor annoyance.

Orphan and the Beaten Drum

This one was submitted as a review to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and I can't post it here until it has been published.

by Ted Dekker

Grade: B-
B minus for a Dekker Book??? It was freaky and gross and disturbing. Ewww. No need to even discuss the theology of this one. There's a B there because it's still Ted Dekker and riveting, but I miss the old Ted Dekker.  

by Joel Rosenberg

Grade: A
Though, I must tell you that I am the LAST person qualified to grade this book. My grasp of Middle-Eastern politics is embarrassing at best. This book did an excellent job of explaining some of the basics, including bible prophecy that has already come to pass. Very interesting.

Sisters of Sinai: How Two Lady Adventurers Discovered the Hidden Gospels
by Janet Soskice
Grade: A

This was truly a delight to read.  I felt like I was riding a pack camel right alongside these two amazing women.  These twin sisters were smart cookies in an age when a very different role was expected of women.  Brought up with a linguist for a father, they learned 12 different languages between them.  In 1892, they traveled to St. Catherine's Monastery on Mount Sinai and discovered an early palimpsest Syriac version of the Gospels.  They returned a year later with other scholars to copy the text, which turned out to be the oldest version found at the time, now known as the Sinaitic Manuscript.

An excellent read that had me desperately wishing I could have met them.

52 Books Challenge of 2009 found here.

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