Sunday, May 16

Romantic Movies

I'm just in the mood for a good chick flick.  The mushy, romantic kind.  I could even stand one that makes me cry right now.  What are your favorites?

My memory is awful, but the random movies that come to my mind as favorites include:

The Family Man
When Harry Met Sally
For Keeps
Pride and Prejudice
Sense and Sensibility
Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Money Pit
Something to Talk About
The Man From Snowy River
Becoming Jane
Say Anything
North and South (BBC not Civil War)
Ever After
While You Were Sleeping

Didn't Like:
City of Angels
The Notebook
Shakespeare in Love
The English Patient
any version of Wuthering Heights

These were either ridiculously implausible, based on adultery, or left me hopelessly sobbing.

So....any suggestions? My Netflix queue is wondering.


Jessica said...

have you seen the proposal with sandra bullock?

Christy said...

I loved "The Notebook", yes it left me sobbing, but it's one of my faves!

Cousin Carrie said...

I have to add "Under the Tuscan Sun." While not a romance, a definite good chick flick.

Made the mistake of watching "The Notebook" while on pregnancy bed rest for high blood pressure. Got the call to be induced in the middle. Turned it back on and finished before husband came to get me to take me to the hospital. I couldn't stop sobbing and my blood pressure was skyrocketed.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sister you forgot "The Princess Bride." And for theh record, I loved "The Notebook."

Jenn said...

I'm the freak who didn't cry at the notebook. I filed it under the implausible category. I just got angry at the characters. And yelled at the screen a lot.

HOW could I forget Princess Bride?!?!? You're right. It's on my LOVE IT list.

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