Friday, August 6

I won! I won!

Jesse, over at Orange Marmalade Mama, listed me as "A Blog With Substance."  (no wisecracks, people, I'm chalk fulllll of substance...or something like that.)

The rules for the Blog with a Substance Award...

1)  Sum up your blogging philosophy in 5 words!

Five words? hmmmm.....
1. Honest.  The down-right nekkid kind of honest would be my favorite kind.
2.  Uh...I'm running out of words already.  How about distracted? Easily distracted.
3.  Eclectic
4.  Sincere.  I'm not sure I always hit it. I hope I do.  But if I had to write a philosophy, I'd say writers should write what they feel, with thought to honest representation of those feelings and not about impressing or entertaining a reader.  It totally rings my bell when someone likes what I've written, but the only person I usually think about actually reading this is my husband...and I love to make him laugh.  
5.  Lazy.  I'm not a very dedicated blogger. When it strikes my fancy is my general timetable.

That wasn't the easiest instruction to follow for a blog award.  These things are always painful for me.  I propose a new rule....describe the giver of the award in 5 words.  It's always easier to talk about someone else. ;-)

So, Jesse, I would describe your blog as serene, fun, loving, informative, and down-right sweet.

2)Pass the award to five others:

*Two oldies you've heard me mention:
Michael:  dripping with substance and sarcasm.  Two of my favorite things! And doesn't he need a frilly blog award on his sidebar?
Jenni: thoughtful photos, interesting music, deep thinking, family centered.  
*Three new (to me) bloggers:
Kari: wow. beautiful, nekkid honesty.
Heidi: Ah, Heidi.  Why don't you live closer?
Amanda: The name of the blog is The Enabler and Her Codependents.  Need I say more?
T.J.: Calypso music and a pirate birthday cake right on the front page.  Sub. Stance. Very fun.

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