Wednesday, July 14

New Coupon site!

My Coupons  invited Mamabuzz reviewers to visit their website and share our thoughts.  I'm so glad they did because I don't know that I would have heard of it otherwise.  It is completely free, with their profits coming from discreet advertising.

The site offers many different options for hunting down deals.  You can view by "store" and pull up any stores you are interested in shopping with and view the coupon offers they have.  Most of these provide coupon codes for shopping online. You can also view by "category" and look for the item you want to hopefully find matching coupons.  My Coupons also offers free printable coupons to print and take to the grocery store.

Another feature is for giftcards.  Offers are given from stores allowing you to buy a giftcard with the purchase price being less than the shopping total.  For instance, you can buy a gift card to Children's Place for $213.85 and they give you a card with $243.01 on it to shop with!

The last feature is a community forum with tips and tricks for coupon shoppers.  Their forum contains a "Look What I Found" section where coupon savvy shoppers share their current finds and helpful hints.

I didn't find a lot of "great" deals on the site, but it is growing and the finds that are on there now aren't bad.  I expect it to just get better and better.

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