Tuesday, October 26

Catch Up #1

Last week, my baby - my BABY - turned five.

She ran through the curtain into the realm of  'big girl' and discovered her first set of wheels...just like all of her siblings.  Now, there are no more babies to turn five and run through the curtain and discover a new bike. *sniffle*

After a few turns around the house, we enjoyed her requested breakfast: homemade donuts.  yum.  And by homemade, I mean that they came out of a biscuit tube.  (can't have you thinking I'm all that)

Next, we ran off to visit family.  It was a fun road trip and we discovered a new love for Father Gilbert Mysteries, though we could only listen to one because the other was too scary for little ears.

Once there, we visited a fish hatchery.  The girls posed like mermaids and Joel...I just don't know.

More.  Lots more.


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granny janny said...

That looks like a really neat place. Where is this fish hatchery.
Just think it won't be that many years till you can start enjoying grandchildren. Ha Ha.

Nezzy said...

Next set of wheels behind the curtain will sport a motor and CD player...heeehehehe!

The trip looked like a fun place to be. That Joel just cracks me up the way the little 'wheels' are always turnin'.

God bless and have the best day Hon!!!

Andrea said...

I wish they could stay little for much longer! Why do they have to go and grow up?

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