Monday, December 27

Christmas 2010

The kiddos were in a fun Christmas play.  My littlest elf had her cast removed the next morning.

My camera pooped out on me.  It is still working about half of the time, but suddenly it has to be in the right mood to focus and there is no convincing it to change its mind if it isn't in the mood.

Fun, fun, fun with the cookies!

Fun, fun, fun with more cookies!

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Andrea said...

Umm... was this before or after skating? Because I sure don't remember her having a cast on her arm while they were skating. Am I really that non-observant??

Jenn said...

Ha! Yes, it was before - I'm slowly adding in all of our advent pictures. This was back in the first week of december. Lots more to come...

Ginger said...

Now THOSE cookies look like fun. ;)
Got our night light last night, from my 'invisible' friend and I stared wide-eyed as we turned the light off watching the glow turn on. Will think of you and your family every time I look at it.

Nezzy said...

Is that KC and how many bowls had she licked. Wow??? Me thinks our little Princess isn't the only one who reacts to sugar!!!

Great pics Hon!

Enjoy your day :o)

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