Wednesday, December 1

Day One

The first day of Advent - Ah! The magic!

This morning, we were excited to see that our church is also observing advent. We were also excited to see cinnamon rolls served during Sunday School. After church, we enjoyed delicious food and good company at Grandma's house.

We explore the Advent Wreath on the first day of Advent. Ours is old and cheap and definitely showing its age. But it has served us well and will continue to do so for a while. Want to know how to make your own dilapidated Advent wreath? Well then, you came to the right place!

Pick up a cheap wire frame and a cheap wreath. Ours joined our family already old and dilapidated, from a secondhand shop. If you would like new, check out Joann Fabrics stores after the first week of advent when they go on sale.

A Simple Advent Wreath Tutorial:

Take four candleholders and shove them up through the bottom of the wreath and frame.

I feel the need to point out here that I am not, I repeat NOT, giving my wreath "the bird".  Look closely and see that I have two fingers holding up this contraption.

Find the candleholder through the top again and clear a spot for the candles through the branches.

Reflect on your fingernails while you're at it and consider taking more vitamins to keep them from peeling like that.  Shameful.

Sometimes I need to twist some of the branches around the candle to keep them held upright.

Then consider using a little lotion on your dry, crepe papery hands.

Place a larger candleholder in the center, for the Christ candle.  We never remember to buy the proper color candles for Advent.  They aren't available in our town and require a small expedition to find them.  We've become accustomed to cranberry candles and hardly even try to remember any more.  Whatever colors you choose, insert all of your candles and you're ready to go!

I also inserted some extra greenery and wrapped bits of metallic ribbon through mine.  To be honest, I'm not a fan of the end result, but it's how we've done it for years now.  The flowers and bows stay attached to the wreath year-round in the box and seem to have grown together somehow.  There is no changing it now.

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Ginger said...

girlfriend, I love your running commentary about the state of nails, dry skin - that is so me too. :) And hey - why mess with what's worked for years? Thanks for sharing! I might try and tweak a wreath I never use anymore for a second life.

Nezzy said...

Oh honey, your small print commentary just had me rollin'!!!

You do such a great job!

God bless and enjoy the day sweetie!

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