Wednesday, January 12

Day #5 Challenge SAVED MY REAR

Again, yes, it looks bad.  But we're renovating the kitchen in March and these cabinets are disappearing....I've seen little need to invest in liners and the like.  I have VERY few cabinets in my kitchen.  This is crammed but there is no place else for these items to go.  Wait, except that canning jar.  It can go.  And that travel mug.  Okay, it can go.

But I was telling you how this challenge saved my rear.  You see, at the time of this challenge (these posts are post-dated, sorry) I was about to leave for an out-of-state trip.  When I pulled everything out from under the cabinet, I discovered a major leak from a pipe....a drip per second.  If we had left it that way, we would have returned home to a major mess.  Thankfully, that was not the case.  We returned home to a nice, dry cabinet.
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Andrea said...

Wow, good thing you found that leak! We don't have a lot of cabinet space either. In fact, we don't have a lot of any kind of storage space in our house. I'm learning that we have too much stuff. I'm trying to remedy that problem...

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