Tuesday, January 18

My favorite toy

I took my beautiful Kindle to Texas on last week's roadtrip and I am so thankful for this thing! It was a wonderful toy to have.  I never know what book I'll be in the mood for and my kindle allowed me to take
as many books as I wanted.  It was a happy-Monday present from Chris and, while I freaked over the price when he gave it to me, I am now absolutely in love with it.  I have hundreds of books on my kindle and have spent a grand total of three dollars.  Nearly everything I'm interested in is free anyway.  Eventually, I'll start looking at books you actually pay for, but I haven't had a need yet.

The especially beautiful part of taking the kindle on the roadtrip was that I could read it at night without the light bugging my handsome driver.  For my birthday, Chris bought me this light to go with it and it leaves no glare on the screen and no distracting brightness for those around me.

You can charge it with the same cord you charge the Kindle!  It stays lit forever (not literally,) which is great, and it fits all kindles.  However, when I have the light attached, my Kindle book-cover bulges a bit.

It's not a bad bulge, but I love this cover (a birthday present from my wonderful Mom-in-Law) and I don't want it to bow, so I'm working on felting a Kindle bag with a pocket for the light.  I'll share pictures of that if and when it works.

Oh! Another beautiful thing: A friend of mine wrote a novel and I was able to take it with me on the kindle!  So, for anyone interested in how to convert a word document to a kindle, here are instructions.  Download a free pdf converter, I recommend CutePDF.  Open the Word document and Print to PDF.  On your Kindle management page, you have a list of email addresses from which you are willing to accept files.  Be sure your personal email is listed here.  On this page, you can also set up your own kindle email for free.  It will have whatever detail you want plus  @free.kindle.com attached. Now, back to the pdf you created!  Send this pdf, via email to your @free.kindle email with the word "convert" in th subject line and it will automatically be converted to a Kindle format and transferred to your Kindle. 

Other great features include the new ability to loan / borrow books from friends on the Kindle and reading articles on your Kindle.   I don't know much about it yet, but a free download, called Calibra, looks like it has some great Kindle helps and features as well.

Yes, I'm gushing, but I'm not pushing.  If I were in the market, I'd try waiting patiently until Thanksgiving when they are roughly half the price.  Actually, I'd probably buy a Nook instead so that I could borrow library books.  For some stinky reason, the Kindle isn't compatible with such things.  Isn't that stinky?


Andrea said...

I think those things would be totally cool, especially considering they take up WAY less space than the actual books!

Jennie C. said...

There's a program called Calibra that is supposed to convert any other format to the kindle format, but I haven't tried it yet.

Also, it doesn't matter what you put in the subject line when emailing pdf docs to the kindle, but if you put "convert" in the subject line, not only will your pdf be sent to your kindle, but it will appear in a format optimized for kindle viewing! I tried it both ways and much preferred the kindle-optimized version of the book.

Jenn said...

I forgot about the convert thing in the subject line! Thank you! I've only done the on pdf and the subject line is the title listed, which isn't really the title at all so it was kind of funny.

I'll edit the post to mention the convert part and calibra.

Cousin Carrie said...

I downloaded my 365 day a year Bible that we are trying to read through this year to my kindle, and I love having it on there. I've even read way ahead. For some reason it makes reading the Bible even easier!

I know you'll love yours!

Nezzy said...

I'm so glad your enjoyin' you 'new toy' and the accessories sweetie!!!

With a houseful of kiddos and that Geeky Hubby of yours a girl need a great escape every now and then.

Love ya and have an incredible day! :o)

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