Monday, January 2


Buying the right calendar is a tradition for us. You've probably figured out by now that there aren't very many to be found in the stores after January begins. The calendars leftover are generally of the cat-lover variety. Many years ago, my parents bought us a Lang Calendar Frame and gave us our first real calendar. Truly, once you've had one, the other flimsy things don't even fall in the same category anymore. The first one was Charles Wysocki and we stuck with his art for a few years before Lang stopped carrying them. Thankfully ,they are back now , but in the meantime, we fell in love with Susan Winget  and  Linda Nelson Stocks. Beautiful stuff! Yes, $12 is a bit steep for a calendar, but they are works of art and you can use Sharpies on them!

But free is always better and I need calendars to print out for school use and other things, so here are a few goodies:

I could not find a source for this sweet artist. If you know who it is, please share so I can give them credit!

The others will link directly to their creator:

And my favorite: 

For my school binder, always go with FiveJ's goodies. She has amazing creations and she is incredibly generous with them! I recommend finding her on facebook for links to new printables and other great helps.


Nezzy said...

Woohoo!!! Ya gotta love a great calendar. I'm almost finished with fillin' all mine out!

2012...bring it on!

Have a great day sweetie! :o)

Andrea said...

I always use the calendar feature on my iPhone, since it's always with me. However, I miss the cuteness of the pretty paper calendars!

Jesse said...

I *heart* calendars!! Thanks for the links, mama!

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