Monday, February 27

Back in the saddle again

(in which Jenn remembers that she is a blogger)

For the last few....ages, I had ceased writing online reviews in order to write reviews for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. Once I was out of the habit of writing online reviews, I was also out of the habit of writing online....anything. Blogging took a backseat. I didn't start blogging to write reviews, but I find myself in ruts rather easily.

However, TOS is switching formats and, alas, my name will no longer be in print. Instead, I will again be blogging reviews for the TOS Crew. If, for some strange reason, you decide to print out one of my blog reviews on your happy little inkjet, my name would once again technically be in print. My vanity digs this, so be sure to let me know if you do so.

However, (a good writer would never "however" twice) I'm not blogging again just to share reviews. I feel like I've hit milestones and am excited about what God is doing with my family and I have a compulsion to write down my thoughts. My reason for blogging those thoughts is a desire to encourage others mixed in with a healthy dose of narcissism. But only the good parts of narcissism. You know, the parts that are about me.

I'm joking. Mostly.

So, first things first, back into blogging, I have to share about marriage. It has been a non-stop theme for me so far this year, overwhelmingly showing up again and again. I fully believe it's a God thing and I'm eager to share. I have an amazing husband and we have an amazing marriage. Sure, we've had some tough TOUGH times in the past, but they are very much in the past and I'm honestly a little surprised that I'm feeling this burden for marriages when things are going so well, but I'm learning to listen to that Still Small Voice so you get to hear about it (if you're still reading).  I hope you stick around!


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Nezzy said...

Oh Gene Autry, I had his hit single, Big Rock Candy Mountain, on a little red 7" record before I began school.

Oh the memories! I played that very same record for my kids then gave all my small records to Uncle G. The went in the dump...{{{SIGH}}}

Good to see ya back in the saddle again sweetie!

God bless ya!

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