Friday, May 11


I'm too keyed up to sleep at the moment, so I'm blogging  as my sweet husband snores beside me. I watched some amazing kids graduate from high school tonight and I'm all verklempt. Chris and I teach juniors and seniors in our Sunday School class and four of our students are moving on. I am just so proud of them. We've had some amazing young men and women come through our group, but these kids just have an extra special spot on my heart. I've known them since their first day into the youth group, as green 7th graders. One, I've known since she was 3. I'm just in awe of these amazing people. I see them about to embark on adulthood and I can't wrap my brain around these young, sweet things actually being adults...which is silly because I've spent two years talking with them and feeling amazed at their maturity, having trouble wrapping my brain around the idea that they were just children.

I was supposed to be their teacher, but I've learned so much more from them. 

One mom asked for friends and family to write a letter with words of wisdom so that she could make them into a book for her daughter. The best I've come up with so far is to never run while wearing wedge sandals.
Randi, my daughters' idol and favorite role model.
What advice do you think is appropriate for new graduates? 
The Bryant Boys, some of my favorite people.
 The mom of these amazing young men (who I love like they were my own) has held up amazingly well today. She said the hard part will come in two months when she only has to set four plates at the table.

I only have three years until my baby leaves me crying over plates.

What advice do you think is appropriate for new graduates' moms?

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Neha said...

I am sure it must have been such a wonderful feeling to see the young ones going off to set their own footing. I understand that it must be painful too, but none other moment can be full of so much happiness and pride. God bless them all!

granny janny said...

The most important thing is to pray for them daily. Leave them in God's hands.

Nezzy said...

For the wonderful grade...'Be true to yourself' and 'Never settle'!!!

To the grads moms..."Birds gotta fly, fish gotta swim!"

We raise 'em to be self~sufficient responsible adults and we have to let go and give 'em room to grow. 'Just sayin'....

What a wonderful had you've had plantin' seeds in these new grads!

God bless and I'm so proud of ya sweetie! :o)

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