Sunday, September 2

cough, hack, gag, whine

We've been down with a cold-bug this week (and some of last.) It's knocked us flat. I always start dosing the kids toward the end of September so they can be ready for November's cold and flu season. But this year, cold and flu season hit in August. AUGUST! One of my theories for the bugs flying in fall was the depletion of Vitamin D3 in our bodies, but we've had plenty of sun this summer and that's not the case for us now.

It started as a head cold that lasted about a day. Fever, aches, and stuffy head. Nothing major and it was mostly gone by the next day. But two days later, it turned into a chest thing for 3 of mine. And me. Joel and Chris were hit two days later with more aches and stuffy head symptoms. Ethan seemed to have it easier than any of us, feeling "off" one day and then having a cold for one day. He was fine for several days and then BOOM! his chest hurt. His color was good, he was barely coughing, but he felt like someone was sitting on his chest. The boy never complains about anything. He's tough as an ox. So we headed up to urgent care and had x-rays. The poor guy has pneumonia.

Not wanting to invest in any unnecessary x-rays, we asked the nurse to listen to the girls as well. She said they were crackling, but since we had the breathing machine at home for them already, we could keep that up and avoid an x-ray unless they started complaining of pain or running a fever. So here we are. Four out of six of us puffing on albuterol. But only one of us is coughing till he gags, so there's that.

And the dog pooped in the floor.

And the toilet overflowed.

And that was my last clean towel.

And we're out of wine.

But, obviously, we're not out of whine.


Jennie C. said...

Sorry you all are feeling so badly. :-(

LEENA7 said...

You will probably fel better whn you get this,howver in cas you get anything like it again,,hoping you dont, For the nasty cough, put a layer of Vick's vapor rub on bottom of feet, Cover with socks, so as not to get any of it anywhere,,try to stay off feet for at least 30 min,,don't know why but it works wonders.

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