Wednesday, November 21

Thanksgiving Celebrations

Thanksgiving has long been my favorite holiday. It's so uncommercialized, it's even being hidden by Black Friday sales. That's just fine by me. Let the stores and television channels do what they want. We'll be cozy in our Hobbit Hole, enjoying good company and good food. Feasts are hard work, but shared with many hands, the day seems slow and easy. It would be hard not to pause and experience the overwhelming joy of thankfulness for these many blessings!

This year, we've been enjoying some special Bible readings each morning and I've explored some heart-growing thoughts from the book One Thousand Gifts, which I've been sharing with the kids.  We've added in a few fun activities to these studies and to our plans for Thanksgiving Day, and I wanted to share them with you.
  • A Thanksgiving Tree is a beautiful focal point. Print these meaningful verses, set on adorable leaves and have the whole family take turns reading them, writing down something they are thankful for, and hanging them on a bouquet of twigs.  
  • Need a walk after that fabulous meal? Here is a Scavenger Hunt list for the whole family, courtesy of Family Fun.
  • Continue to set your thoughts on thankfulness, long after Thanksgiving Day is over, by starting a weekly Thankfulness Journal.

Above all, be sure to stop and smile. Look around you at the tiny things. Listen for that sweet sound of coffee gurgling in the coffee maker. Enjoy your family. Recognize the Grace that God has poured out for you. I dare you not to smile. 

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