Friday, December 14

Those silly donkeys

Honor likes to rearrange our nativity sets on a regular basis. The shepherds need to feed the sheep, the kings need to check on their camels, etc.

This scene surprised me and I had to ask her to explain.  Apparently, the angels got tired and decided to take a nap. The shepherd is telling his sheep a bedtime story. Mary is tucking baby Jesus into the manger for the night. The kings heard their camels making some funny noises and went outside to check. They were just being silly and playing. The donkeys were, ahem, frolicking. She has no idea why the frolicking donkeys made me snort coffee out my nose.


Kym Thorpe said...

this almost made me snort coffee out my nose too! LOL

T.J. said...

LOVE it!

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Hummmmmm, 'Frolickin' donkeys...that's why we have so many!!!

Ya gotta love that Honor! :o)

Have a greatly bless day sweetie.

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