Friday, April 12


Short, but necessary:

Vinegar as a conditioner is a bad idea. Many sites I researched when looking for natural hair products recommended using ACV to soften and detangle hair. I really can't tell you if it softens or not, but I can tell you that having soft hair is pointless if you smell like a pickle.

Everything I read swore the scent rinsed out. I tried it several times. Once rinsed, rinsed, and triple rinsed, I didn't smell a thing. But people randomly started sniffing the air when they walked into the same room with me, their brows knit in confusion.

I didn't tell anyone what I was doing, but my husband leaned over to kiss me and asked, "Why do you smell like pickles?"

Don't do it. Just don't.


Cari said...

Oh how this made me laugh..oh my!

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

I rinse my hair with a solution of a cup of very cold water and a couple tablespoons of ACV as a final cuticle closin' rinse. Makes me shine! :o)

Do I smell like pickles??? Oh, well...I'm rather fond of pickles.

God bless and have a great weekend!!!

Beth said...

This made me giggle! :-) I remember reading about this "no poo" thing on the boards. I've tried it, but not as closely as you did - I've just washed occasionally with baking soda. I did try vinegar as a rinse, but it really did not work for me. I have thick, coarse, oily hair, and I tended to look like my hair belonged on the end of a broom.

Have you seen the L'Oreal sulfate-free products? I'm using the sunflower one and I just love it. Why is silicone-free important?

Christy Hoagland said...

I love it! ;)

The Costello Family said...

Mmmm... Pickles.
Not so much in hair though. I tried that once and I agree.

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