Monday, June 24

Crazy, but true!

Several years ago, I heard about a trick that sounded downright bizarre. I was pretty desperate though, so I did it. I used an ink pen and drew all over my daughter's arms and legs. Sound crazy? She was eaten up with mosquito bites and they swelled and itched terribly. The creams weren't helping.

Don't ask whose foot this is. It may or may not be a prissy little girl.
And then someone told me that if you draw a circle around the bite, it stops the itch. It's sounded ridiculous, but the child was scratching till she bled and I was ready to try anything to give her relief. Thankfully, it worked!

To do it, just start about a cm or so out from the bite and draw a circle around the bite, using firm, but not hard or painful pressure. Complete the circle, doubling back over the starting point just to make sure you got it all the way around.

An ink pen works well because you can apply just the right amount of pressure and it glides well on the skin. I have had the same success with a dried out pen and even with a knitting needle! With these, you just have to be a bit careful with the pressure; obviously, you don't want to create a new misery while eradicating the first.

So now you know! Don't forget to take an ink pen on your next camping trip!


Luke Holzmann said...

Hmm... I wonder if the motion/pressure isolates the spread of the venom--or whatever you call the itch-agent. I'll have to give that a go next time and see if it helps! I've long done the "make an x with your fingernail" trick, but that only offers a brief relief.


Andrea said...

That sounds absolutely crazy, but I'm going to try it the next time Jackson gets eaten up with bites. His constant scratching is terrible!

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