Thursday, July 18

25 Truths - A Review

25 Truths is a book that started as a list. Ed Douglas was a high school tennis coach and shared his list of 25 Christian character truths with his players. Each day he introduced a concept and reviewed the truth from the previous day. Thankfully, a parent encouraged him to publish that list as a book so that it could be shared with the world. From that, came Ed Douglas Publications.
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There are 25 chapters sharing each of these truths...truths such as Tell the Truth, Be Slow to Judge, Be Quick to Apologize. Simple things. Things that disappearing from our culture at a frightening pace. It is full of advice ranging from priorities to finances to attitudes.
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Each chapter begins with the truth for the day and a well-fitting quote. The quotes are from the Bible, Shakespeare, Einstein, etc. The rest of the chapter contains between 2-5 pages of text and then a summary and a workshop that contains questions for reflection. These questions and instructions help process the concept and implement it fully.

It's a small book at 150 pages and the pages go quickly. But this tiny book is full of some fundamental ideas that somehow get lost in our society. I think Christian homeschooling families are not in serious need of this book; these are concepts that we are already teaching as mandated by God and the Bible. But I love the idea of being able to share these concepts in a public school setting, where God is often not welcomed, in the same manner that Ed Douglas did with his tennis students.

The book points out that changing the man (or woman) changes the world. It starts with one person at a time, influencing the people around him. I'm not certain I agree with that idea though. It sounds good. If everyone behaved honorably, wouldn't it be a happier world? But #1, is happiness the goal? and #2, can we really behave honorably outside of Christ?

I think it contains great concepts that make for great conversations. Even though my teens have been taught these things, it doesn't mean my teens know these things like I want them to. It is nice to have a springboard for purposeful conversations. And it's not just for teens, of course. I needed some of these reminders, too! You can purchase 25 Truths here for $8.99. Be sure to read other reviews from the Schoolhouse Review Crew, linked below.

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