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God's World News - A Review

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I have heard of God's World News as a Christian Worldview magazine, but had never looked into it. Until they approached The Review Crew, I didn't realize they publish multiple magazines for all age groups. It was hard to decide which publication we'd most like to receive. In the end, I chose News Flash, a publication for children in 3rd and 4th grade. Since then, we've decided we all want our own copies. It's really that good!

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We've never subscribed to a children's magazine before and the girls were thrilled to have mail showing up just for them. Each month (except December and May) a new magazine arrives and they hunker down in a corner, reading non-stop. Again and again they run over to share something they've found amazing. Robots, dinosaurs, pandas, Amelia Earhart, Monkeys, Border Control. Giraffes, Tour de France..."Mama, did you know...?!?" has been a frequently heard phrase since the magazine began arriving.

Our September issue also arrived with a large, colorful map which we've placed in the bathroom. The bathroom walls have their undivided attention while they're brushing their teeth and we make good use of that time.

Each issue includes activities, puzzles, and cartoons along with short and interesting articles that discuss economics, geography, civics, worldview, and more. Everything is discussed from a Christian perspective and emphasizes God's sovereignty and mercy.

News Flash recommends websites for further reading and activities. We discovered the Panda Cam while reading about the twin pandas born in the Atlanta zoo. Subscribers also get access to a special website just for them. Parents receive an optional weekly newsletter via email. Other bonuses include Biographies and PDF lessons (a sample).

I love that there are no advertisements within the magazine. The only ads to be found are on the outside mailing cover that protects the magazine during mailing. These ads include Christian bookstores, homeschool curriculum, and other Christian magazines. 

As I said, there are magazines for every age group and they actually discuss the same topics in each magazine, but at a different age-appropriate level. We plan to subscribe to Trak, a high school publication, since the girls have us all talking about the articles already.
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A full-year subscription to News Flash (10 issues) costs $28.00.  There are 32 pages in each issue and they are CRAMMED FULL of fascinating material.

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