Tuesday, February 14

All to Jesus

I saw something unexpected yesterday: lots of hands raised in our Baptist Church. Our new Youth pastor is also our new Praise & Worship leader and the man believes in worship. He led the song We Will Worship the Lamb of Glory, which includes a verse that says "And with our hands lifted high, we come before you and sing...." Being the pentecostal girl that I am, I couldn't keep from raising my hands in worship. After going through the song once, he stopped and addressed the congregation. He asked what we would think if we walked into a bank and saw everyone with their hands up. 'We'd think "something's up," right? Why would their hands be up? Because they were surrendering. Lifting our hands isn't a pentecostal thing. It's a surrender thing.'

I can do all the right things, but without surrendering, it's nothing. I don't want to be a good little Christian that follows the rules of what a good girl must do....I want to passionately love my Lord and live for Him wholeheartedly. I want a real relationship with my Lord. Now, in surrendering all to Him, I will be that good little Christian doing the right things. But I'll be doing them because of my relationship with my Saviour....not doing them to earn a relationship with my Saviour.

So our new youth pastor helped me realize what I've been leaving out of the equation, something I knew once-upon-a time: surrender.

I hope they don't run him off.

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