Friday, February 10

"unwept, unhonoured, and unsung"

I'm flying through the book.

#1 because it is past due at the library.

#2 because it is getting a bit goofy. This week's list of assignments included "Breathe consciously every day." Well, duh.

I also skipped the section on eating healthy because I've already researched that to death. I skipped the section on working out because the only thing worse than doing it is reading about doing it. I'm going on to the next chapter now. It starts out sounding good: "Sometimes the daily monotony of chores can lull you into complacency..." yup. Earlier, it compared my life to the movie Groundhog Day. double yup. The quote in my title bar is Andie Macdowell's line in the cafe scene. Unless you're an intellectual, and then it's a line from Sir Walter Scott's "Lay of the Last Minstrel." Give you two guesses where I heard it.

In an effort to jumpstart me out of my complacency, I am supposed to pursue my dreams. Not normal, run-of-the-mill dreams. It specifically asks you to define your "Crazy Dream." Okay, don't laugh. I have two. #1 I'd like to record a cd. #2 I'd like to write and be published. But those are the crazy dreams that I really don't have time to be silly with. I'm actually quite happy pursuing the dream of being a better mom, wife, daughter, sister. In fact, those dreams are the reason I'm reading this book in the first place.

Next, it asks what is keeping me from pursuing my 'crazy dream'. Is it fear of rejection? fear of failure? fear of embarrassment? No. It's fear of going broke! Have you priced cd's? It's insane.

Finally, I'm to come up with definable goals for pursuing my crazy dream. Okay. IF I were to pursue singing, I'd need to #1 write some music, #2 learn the legalities, #3 get some fellow musicians to join me, and #4 figure out the best possible prices. And IF I were to pursue writing, I'd need to #1 look at some freelance options in magazines, #2 Get more sleep so I could make more sense, and #3 make the time to sit down and stare at some paper.

I think I will take steps toward goal #2 on pursuing writing. I'm definitely overdue for some sleep.

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Megan said...

Oh my gosh, that would be so awesome if you recorded a cd and wrote a book!! You make those crazy dreams come true sister! I thought my lightsaber dream was crazy....but as you can see, it came true. Ok, so maybe your dream isn't as easily attainable as mine, but still, I can see it happening.=D

Oh, I got my Piggly Wiggly shirt at JCPennys. The greatest shirt ever!!!!! It's so funny, a lot of people saw my pics and wanted to know about my shirt! It rocks!=D

I love you!


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