Wednesday, February 8

Getting a Life: Part 2

One assignment this week was to go through my closet and get rid of unflattering clothes, even if they are extraordinarily comfortable. The word the book used was "safe." Can clothing feel safe? I guess. Maybe. Anyway, here is my "safe" sweatshirt that I have had for about 10 years now. There is nothing more comfortable in my closet. I wear it almost weekly. No More! It is now in the trash. This picture could not possibly do it justice. The paint spots are much more vivid. As is the bleach stain on the sleeve. There are huge holes in the cuffs. In fact, the cuffs are barely attached. The collar is frayed. I don't want to throw this away. But it's going.

I think I might have a mantra. "He has made everything beautiful in its time" from Ecclesiastes 3:11. Because He has. And He will. When Honor poops her pants even though she had this silly potty-training thing down for 6 solid months (once upon a time,) I will repeat my mantra and remember how temporal this moment truly is. She will not go to college in a pull-up. She will grow up and be a beautiful Godly woman someday. At these moments, I can remember that God can use these trials to make ME beautiful too. What changes could He wreak in me if I were to remember His sovereignty in EVERY situation. Even the poopy kind.
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Mrs. Pea said...

"She will not go to college in a pull-up."

ROFLOL! You are hilarious, Jenn. I'm so glad we chat.

I really admire that you've tossed a sweatshirt with that kind of comfort quotient. I have some super-frayed poodle pj bottoms that really need a decent burial, but...I can' it!

Have a great day!
Debra(Dynamite) in TX

Megan said...

Jennifer, in the name of sisterly love, I am telling you that thing gave me nightmares. If you have any other sweatshirts that are older than a few years, PLEASE, for the good of humanity, throw them away too. I don't care how comfortable they might be, they need to meet your trashcan.

I love you.=D

Chris said...

I wondered what that shirt was doing in the trash...

Please leave my shirts alone!!

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