Friday, February 3

I have an awesome friend who has pointed out some deep stuff to me. Okay, LOTS of deep stuff and it's a bit over my head so I will chew through it slowly. Here is one thing she shared:

Andrew Murray once said, "If you must work to be something, you prove that you aren't that thing at all." Does an ant have to prove it's an ant? Do you have to prove (even to yourself) that you are a child of God? You ARE a child of God.

You don't rule what you believe, what you believe rules you.

And THAT is why I'm doing a goofy ONLINE journal. I want called on the carpet when my line of thinking is headed in the wrong direction. If I were to pour my thoughts onto paper for only God and me to see, it would be as effective as me staying home on Sundays and deciding to only church myself without interacting with other believers.

So if you ever see me following a line of thought that is not biblical....please, PLEASE call me on it! In fact, might I go so far as to say that as a brother or sister in Christ, it is your duty to correct me?

I want to get this right. I don't have time to be offended by anything someone might say to me.

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