Sunday, March 26

Marian the Librarian

Or "What I'm REALLY Reading"

Forget the sidebar. The Amazon link-up has GOT to go. Now that I've discovered the hyperlink icon RIGHT HERE on this page, it's no longer a big deal to add a link to another page. I have been doing everything in HTML mode. And, while I've learned a lot, it's just too much work if I'm going to blog on any sort of regular basis.

So here is what I've REALLY been reading:
Gods & Kings by Lynn Austin and it was AWESOME. You HAVE to read this book. It is all about life during the reign of King Ahaz. It was! It really makes you think. It parallels the modern church's attitude towards worship in a very neat way. Or maybe that was just me reading too much into it. It really got ME thinking anyway. It has a sequel describing King Hezekiah's reign.

Scarlet Letter which I actually enjoyed. It was not at all what I was expecting. It wasn't about passion, it was about guilt. It was sad really. If they had just understood the awesome power of God's Grace and Mercy. I don't think the author could have understood it himself. But he definitely had a grasp on internal human struggles, tendencies, and instincts. Now I have to go find something really fluffy to read about.

Here's what I read to the kids:
The Long Winter We're not quite finished with this one yet. The boys really love the Laura Ingalls books. When they see that we're getting towards the end of a chapter, they start playing with my hair, hoping I'll get distracted and keep reading. And I do.

Seven Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor I didn't care for the illustrations in this version, but the stories were very well told. The boys LOVED this one.

Now here is what I'm really planning on reading this week: (some things will get tossed aside/postponed)
Last Child in the Woods The WTM board now has a book club and this is the next book up for discussion.

What's the Deal With Wicca This one looks good. I'd love to have something help me be more prepared to witness to someone involved in this. What little exposure I've had makes me think that it shouldn't be that difficult. I know that a lot of people think that Wiccans are "devil worshippers", but the truth is, they don't believe in the devil. They truly think they are all about love and beauty and I'm not sure what all (hence, the book) and if someone is sincere in those things, it shouldn't be too hard to direct them to the true source of Love.

Signing for Babies I thought this one would be fun for all of us. I would love to get some signing classes for the kids, but our homeschool group is too big for the one woman I know who is interested in teaching it. She prefers very small groups and a paycheck.

Radical Simplicity I'm just reading it for the compost bin advice. We're attempting our first garden this year. I think this book also tells how to squat govt land and live without running water. Not. My. Thing.

Eats, Shoots & Leaves Because all my cool imaginary friends have already read it and I don't want miss out on something good.

Do As I Say, Not As I Do I just like the title.

There! I feel so much better! I almost felt guilty seeing the Amazon links flashing dishonestly over there. Now you know the truth. Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

Aw, shoot. Here I thought you were going to confess to some deep addiction to bodice-rippers or something. *grin*

Baby okay, diaper-wise, now?

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