Thursday, March 9

We Are The Champions

Shelf is up, summer clothes are in, homeschool newsletter is sent out, books are read. Well, okay, the books have been read for a while now, but we couldn't figure out how to properly link to our amazon account rather than just amazon, so I didn't update anything. It's finally done. So Andie, if you want to buy that book just one more time, I might get my nickel this time - lol.

I'll just be honest about the Scarlet Letter: Classics intimidate me. I love to read, but I'm more of a Jane Austen kind of gal. Happy-go-lucky. Sure, there are hard times, but you know that it will all work out in the end. There is no such guarantee with the classics. I know, I's good literature. It's not about the ending, it's about the writing and how does it make you feeeeeel? It makes me feel like crap in the end when everyone either dies or lives a long, miserable, loveless life. THAT'S how it makes me feel. But the Scarlet Letter is the book of the month over at Midday Connection's Book Club so I thought I'd give it a whirl. Warn me now if it is going to make me frustrated and angry.

I had an awesome lunch with my new neighbor on Tuesday. And here is why I know I've come a long way: I did not stress out that she might want to change her phone number or put a for sale sign in her yard afterwards. Much. I really did enjoy it. I'm afraid I hammered her with deep questions all day and I'll be amazed if she didn't go home with a headache. But the woman knows where she stands on her beliefs and I really admire that. Not on someone else's beliefs that she has studied and adopted. That is all good and well, but she believes what she knows for herself...what she has studied the bible and prayed about. I read an awesome quote a couple weeks ago, don't ask me where it came from: Combat distortions of the truth by knowing the truth.

It amazes me how one can drift. I used to know this stuff. How does one un-learn truths? I guess I just forgot them. I wasn't "dwelling" in Christ. I was floundering through my days trying to do all the right things. Sleep became more important than quiet time with God....a natural occurence with kiddos. After a while, I kind of went zombi-fied. From lack of sleep and lack of spiritual life. So if you ever wonder if you can stand still for a while and just rest without pursuing...I don't think it's possible. I think perhaps life is like a treadmill. But I'm just waking up (in several different ways,) so perhaps I shouldn't share anything that deep yet. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

LOL...ooowwww, still headachy...laughing so hard at the special classes remark below...oh, boy. The second picture is very nice.

And, how 'bout I just mail you a nickel? I can't get into that book to save my life. Before I was struck with the plague, I had started Professionalizing Motherhood, which is promising. The beginning chapters were boring/slow (I don't need to be sold on being home!) but the meat of it seems promising.

Anyway, glad you had a nice visit!

The MaMa said...

Pretty deep thoughts girl. I think I'll go get my shovel and plant my Asian Lillies now.

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