Sunday, March 12

Oh, The Drama

Last week, I went to an Arbonne party for a friend. It's an all-natural makeup thing...MaryKay minus the poisonous chemicals, or something like that. Anyway, halfway through it, the gal next to me leaned towards me and whispered "You don't have to order through her. Place an order through me and I'll give you 20% off." (!) I managed to pick up my open jaw and stutter out a "No, thank you." Then I came home and laughed hysterically. I mean, I am all for establishing a new business and signing on new customers, but COME ON! I was a friend of the Consultant!

Also humorous to me: The consultant suggested I might be interested in selling Arbonne and I had to tell her that I couldn't because....dadadunnnn....I signed up to sell MaryKay last week. I was never intending to have any parties or anything like that. I just wanted to start some sort of facial routine and figured it was cheaper to sign up to sell MaryKay and get the cool start-up kit than to buy the stuff individually. And it would have been a good deal, too....if my face didn't break out like a teenager after 3 days of using it. Cue Frankie Avalon:"beauty school drop-out".... Posted by Picasa

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