Saturday, March 4

We Want You


It's been a few days since I've posted anything new. I'm so sorry if my delicious pancake picture made anyone gain some extra weight. Here is one guaranteed to not make you hungry.

Okay, on Wednesday, we did tons of school to make up for Tuesday. We had a lot of fun doing it though. On Thursday, we had company. My grandparents came over for lunch and cards and we had a lot of fun. We fit school in after supper. On Friday, I pulled in all of our tubs of out-of-season clothes and sorted through them, pulling stuff out of the closets to yardsale and packing up most of the winter stuff.

Now WHAT does all of that have to do with the Village People? Well, nothing. But TODAY I am hanging shelves in the garage. I have already pulled out the handy studfinder and laser level and marked my spots. Next I'm going to learn how to maneuver the drill. *tada* Construction Worker. Okay, it's a stretch, but I like the village people. And, in searching for a pic, I learned some interesting facts. The Construction worker actually has a name! It's Dave. He's also known as Scar. There are no individual pics of him on the web before the age of 50. I could have posted one of the after-50 pics, but...well, it wasn't pretty, okay? Another interesting fact? The Cowboy looks just like Leonardo di Caprio. Posted by Picasa

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