Tuesday, February 28

Pancake Tuesday


I was all set to teach my kids rigorous academics, but the magnificent Caralyn informed me this morning that it is Pancake Tuesday. Usually we have Taco Tuesdays and though it doesn't sound holier than our regular fare, it actually has some neat significance. So after a brief investigation (to make sure she wasn't pulling my leg,) we decided to make a day of it! We headed out to the lake with kites, fishing poles, and Sun Chips. Since Chris had them all set with poles, I took Sarah in the stroller around to the opposite side of the lake and found a bench to sit and stare out over the water. I had an awesome prayer time. I got to sing praises with the sounds of nature behind me. A perfect day.

We maintained our Taco Tuesday tradition for lunch, but enjoyed pancakes for supper. The kiddos are bathing and then we'll all veg out on the couch to watch the premier of Amazing Race. We can catch up on school. You can't catch up on days like this. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Hey! Blog again, already. Those pancakes are making me hungry. :) Move 'em on down the page, woman.

I come to your blog to save you from a Jumperoo purchase. It's Friday, and I don't want you out spending Stud Muffin's hard earned money on Evil With Springs.

I responded to you on my blog, but was afraid you woudln't read it and then I'd not be able to live with myself if that Fisher Price torture device was admitted into your happy home.

Whew. Hope I caught you before you left!


Happy Friday!

Jennie C. said...

Sounds like one of those perfect days that leave you feeling peaceful and joyous.

Jenn said...

Andie, you are hilarious! Friday's shopping endeavor fell through. Maybe today. I'll be sure to avoid the nasty jumperoo. It may be difficult though: I'm a sucker for bright lights and colorful toys. But I promise to never put batteries in it!

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