Monday, February 27

Just Another Manic Monday

Just when I think I'm getting it all figured out.....Monday in February rolls around. February, the hump day of the year, on a Monday. A weekend of running leaves little girls' nap schedules in chaos, Spring Fever turns little boys' brains to mush, and a weekend-struck house leaves me grumpy.

When am I going to learn to fold clothes on the weekends? One load of clothes takes the boys 5 minutes to fold. So you'd think the 4 loads sitting on my couch would take 20 minutes, right? Every Monday...2 hours of clothes folding.

I spent my day tired and grumpy, nursing a headache. And 3/4 of the way through the nasty day it occurred to me....since the moment I woke up, I've been waiting for my kids to go to bed so I could get something done. I fought not being able to accomplish anything, even though it was obviously a losing battle. Rather than continue to resist the direction this day is going to take, I need to just give in and enjoy what I can out of it. The boys are flying kites outside while my two year old terrorizes them. She's missing a much needed nap, but she'll sleep better for it tonight. I am vegging with the baby since it is apparently the only way she will nap today. Tonight WILL come eventually. I will be too tired to clean the house to sparkling status, but I can fake my way through some of it. Until it gets here, I need to make something of what I've got, not yell and whine about what's not working. Posted by Picasa

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