Wednesday, April 12

Lend an Ear

What image does the word "schoolbus" conjur in your mind's eye?

Being a Homeschoolin' Mama, whenever I hear the word "schoolbus", I think:

#1 Nothing....I mean, come on, it's a bus. Who sits around thinking about schoolbuses?

#2 "There goes the Yellow Freedom Bird" ...I could sign them up for public school and actually get some laundry done today....

#3 "I'm so glad my kids aren't on that death trap of immorality."

Okay, maybe not in those exact words, but I must admit that the gist of that statement has crossed my mind. That same tone of pride entered my thoughts. Shameful, isn't it? I've been reading the Gods and Kings series and book 3 really brings to life a story about King Hezekiah. It's about the time that Hezekiah showed all of his storehouses to emissaries from Babylon and Isaiah comes to tell him that everything he has will one day be carried off to Babylon. My first thought is "WHAT IS HE THINKING?!? You don't go showing off every corner of your kingdom to a world super power!" But imagine the whole scene: Hezekiah is swept away with flattery and begins to look at all that he has as "stuff that he has" rather than stuff that God gave him. He inherited a crumbling kingdom and it has flourished under his hands and now the King of Babylon is paying him homage. Look what he has accomplished! But no....God blessed him. Hezekiah had honored God with his life and God chose to bless him.

I'm ashamed to admit it, but I have (on several occasions) been prideful about my children. They are awesome kids. And, you know what? I DID have something to do with that. My husband and I work hard to raise them according to God's standards. I have made decisions that were in their best interests, sacrificing my own desires to do so. But the truth is, it is only because of God that I was able to do ANY that. I had to pray for wisdom in all of those decisions, because I had none on my own. I have to pray for strength daily because this job IS more than I can handle. But it's not more than God can handle. He has made something beautiful out of one very messed up woman. I am consumed with weakness. (insert Princess Bride line: "Humiliations Galore!") But the Bible tells us "He has made all things beautiful in His time." and He's gonna continue to do so.

So this morning, I didn't see it, but I heard that school bus driving by and as I snuggled deeper under my cozy covers, I thought "Thank you Lord for your gifts unto me." Posted by Picasa


RANDI said...

Hi there,

I love your post today! It is so true that anything that I have is because of God--I have great kiddos too! I love watching the bus go by, yes homeschooling is a lot of work but the benefits we have reaped are completely worth it. Nothing good is gained unless you work hard!

I like to say that the schoolbus is a "breeding ground for corruption!" ;)

Anonymous said...

You write like Erma Bombeck. That is what you should do. Write witty little articles about everyday life. Love ya, Misty

Anonymous said...

Yellow Freedom Bird! ROFL!

You're so smart. (The rest of the post, too, not just the Freedom Bird bit. But now I have an urge to stand on my chair, hold my lighter up and yell FREEBIRD!!)

Every curse word I know, I learned on a school bus. In 5th grade, we practiced cussing, because that was expected of 6th graders and we didn't want to be "behind" or anything. Yes, I was a stupid child.

Jenn said...

Andie, my husband is impressed. I think he judges the quality of my friends by their knowledge of Skynyrd. He says you're a keeper.

Anonymous said...


He Who Puts Up With Me was once in a band, and I was subjected to - er, listened to, LOTS of Skynyrd.

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