Monday, May 22

I broke my toe!

I dropped The Story of the World on it this evening. Not a large book by any stretch of the imagination, but apparently large enough to break a toe when dropped just right. It's my middle toe. As if my feet weren't unattractive enough already! I called DH at work to garner a little sympathy. He just laughed at me. My sweet MIL was understanding though. She recently broke one of her toes, but her offender was much more impressive: she dropped a frozen rump roast on it.

DH is starting a day job next week. Unexpected but wonderful surprise. But that leaves me to teach his Sunday School Class. Right now, he teaches and I'm just there for looks. That all changes this weekend. I'm so rusty. I'm dreading it. I know I'll love it again after I get started though. I think. I hope.

Anyone want a DOG?!?!? These puppies are going on 10 weeks now and they are getting out of our yard. If they weren't so stinkin' weird looking we might have a chance. You know the old Road Runner cartoons where the Coyote goes through some contraption and comes out looking like some sort of box with a face? That's our puppies...only in black. Ick, I'm tired. I just reread what I typed and had to change "boks" into "box". Whew! My eyes are blurring! Sarah has had us up with a cough for the last few nights. Here's hoping tonight is better!


Anonymous said...

My poor sister! I broke my pinky toe once and boy does it hurt! I heard that it sometimes help if you tape your toe to the toe next to it. Post some pictures of the puppies on the blog. Can you bring them to the animal shelter? What is DH by the way
(dumb husband, dreamy hunk?)

Anonymous said...


Hope it feels better soon. I once smacked myself between the eyes with SOTW... vicious little book if you ask me.

Jenn said...

No, Misty, not dumb husband :) it's for "dear husband". Most of the time. I've taped it up and it's feelin' fine.

Andie, that is hysterical. It's such an unassuming book...who would've thunk it?

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