Sunday, May 28

Love will keep us together

Lend an Ear

I went on a date yesterday. I made the babysitter plans and Chris made the date plans. We left town at 10:30 and made our first stop at Sonic 5 minutes later for a "brunch" of chili cheese tots. My idea of the perfect start to a date. Next stop was at 12:00: we dropped off a puppen to it's new owner. YES!!!!!!! One down, one to go. Next, we went to a Bluegrass Festival. Chris is not a huge bluegrass fan, but he tolerates it for my sake. This was romance.

I'm not a HUGE bluegrass fan, but every now and then, I just get a hankerin' for some banjo and mandolin sounds. Unfortunately, this Festival did not fulfill that hankerin. We walked in and I tell you, there was not a single soul under 75 in that whole courtyard. Strange, but okay. Then they began to play. I guess their hearing aids weren't turned up high enough because not a one of them was in tune. Well, I suppose ONE of them was probably in tune, but it doesn't matter much when you're the only one. The mandolin player worried me when he stepped up to the mic for his solo...I was afraid he was seizing, but I guess he was just really getting into his music. We stuck it out for about an hour, but when the old guy beside us started rubbing his left arm repeatedly, we decided to call it quits before somebody died of a heart attack. That would really put a damper on the date.

Chris let me walk in the mall....something he hates and something I haven't done in a lonnnnng time. Old Navy flip-flops for the fam...yippee! We went to Lifeway for some VBS business and to Redeemed (a used bookstore) for homeschool curriculum. They had the exact books I needed...yippee again.

We went to The Outback for supper. I'd never been before and really liked it. We had a dark corner in the back where we could relax and not draw attention to ourselves. The waitress was so friendly and it was just perfect.

One last stop at the library and then we came home. Through all of it, Sarah was an angel. That child is so sweet and content that it just amazes me. I've never had a gentle-natured baby before her.

It was a perfect day. And I have an awesome man. He's got his flaws and so do I. But he's my best friend and I just can't wait until we can be 75 together and straining to listen to bad bluegrass music and spending all our time together. I can't imagine ever being sick of spending time with him. I can't imagine that any time with him will ever feel like enough.

His job is calling for a lay-off next month, so let's see if I still mean it after a month long layoff - lol. Posted by Picasa

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