Friday, May 26

The Sling

Mom and I are now in the sling-making business, on account of me being too miserly to buy one of those things when I knew mom could whip one up much cheaper. So here are pictures for Misty's sake to show how to fit those kiddos into the slings. Also, if anyone has any clever ideas for a business/product name, we need something for business cards to be used at the next Homeschool Fair in 2 weeks.

This is how to put it on. The seam is low in front of you.

And here is how to insert a baby in the outward position. Place her back against your chest and align her bottom with the seam. Bottom goes in first, then the legs in the cross-leg position (ya know, the one our teachers used to call the Indian-style position until someone decided it was offensive?)

The butterball.

On the Hip.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks Jenn! Love ya.

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