Wednesday, May 10

My boys rode pigs!

Lend an Ear

Okay, this album cover is a stretch, but I had to blog about pig-riding and this song is the closest thing I could think of to "relevant." It's a BIG stretch.

Ethan and Joel stayed the night with friends last night and when they came home today, they REEKED. Their friends' mom dropped them off apologizing for the layer of pig manure on my children. They went to help their friends with the chores and "feeding the pigs" turned into a game of "ride the pigs." They had so much fun. I thought it was hilarious. My city boys always go nuts when they go out there. This time, they truly went hog wild. harharhar.

They came home one hour before I had to leave for church to give my Teachers' Meeting for Vacation Bible School. I had one hour to hose them down, wash their clothes, and remove several ticks from their...erm, sensitive areas.... We did it. And it was a good meeting. I felt like a goober. Sarah screamed for the nursery staff so I had to hold a fussing baby while I talked. And it was hot. I swear, I've gone my entire life without it ever happening, but I turn 30 and suddenly my sweat ducts figure out how to start working. Regardless of my gooberness, we've got some great teachers and I'm excited about this year's VBS.

When we came home, I could still smell pig-smell at the front door. I think they must have kicked off some manure at the door or something. It goes well with the urine-stained carpet that I spent my morning scrubbing. My 2 year old is accident free except for when she first wakes up. I have no idea why, but she can't seem to hold it from the bed to the toilet so she just sprinkles it all over the floor instead. Yes, I use pull-ups, but she yanks them off before she gets up. She apparently prefers carpet. So if you see us tomorrow and I look a little haggard or Ethan is violently scratching where he should not scratch in know why :) Posted by Picasa


The MaMa said...

I rode a pig one time, quite by accident...BACKWARDS!!!! When we raised hogs the only thing we found to remove THAT smell was Irish Spring soap. Have fun, ya know they're going to ride again.

Anonymous said...


I think I'd rather clean up after the piggyback rides than engage in the fun that is potty training. Leo just does. not. care.

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