Wednesday, June 21


Reading on the Crib Chick this morning has got me thinking. She said:
"...But I've come to believe that the biggest part of our friendship comes from having someone who's willing to listen even when they don't agree, and accepts you for who you are (I guess as long as you aren't an ax murderer, or anything crazy like that). Or even better....someone who likes you for who you are."

YES! Cuz that's what friends are for (hmmm, now I've got a song stuck in my head.)

A true friendship does not leave you exhausted. Tense? sure it can be tense when you are concerned about someone you love. But tired from having to try so hard? Worrying about what is going on in their head? I have sooooo learned to reevaluate relationships these last couple years and it is LIBERATING! There are relationships that are encouraging and relationships that are deeepleeeeeting. It was strange at first, but I finally realized that I don't have to please everyone and I can walk away. Just walk away.

So my deep thoughts for the day:
#1 Are you wasting your time and energy in a relationship that leaves you wiped? Why? What else could you do?

#2 Are you depleting in any of your relationships? Do your friends have to watch their step? Do you spend more time complaining than you do expressing gratitude? Do you ask for more favors than you give? Do you talk about you rather than listen and ask about "them?"

I'm just sayin'.

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