Wednesday, June 28

Power of Love

You'd think I'd be used to the steady flow of UPS packages that appear for Chris' computer business. Yet somehow, my heart does a little pitter-patter every time I have to sign for a package. I can't help it; I LOVE getting things in the mail! Today, a package arrived and I managed not to wet myself. I casually asked dh 'watcha got there?" When he said "a present I got for you," I managed not to drool as I followed him down the hall to watch him open it.

Then he pulled out this.

"Know what it is?" he asked.
"Sure! It's a Flux Capacitor!" I said, trying to sound cheerful.
"Um, no."
"Hey, wait a minute," I said, with a sneaky suspicion this was just another computer part, "we don't have a DeLorean...."
"It'll make the computer run more quietly," said my sweetheart, sounding somewhat bruised. "I got it for you!"
"And how much chocolate could you have bought with that money?"
He looked a little crestfallen and I realized he truly was being a sweetie. We like to cuddle up and watch Alias reruns together, but can't comfortably fit on the couch together (since I'm usually already sharing the couch with a baby.) A quiet computer means we can cuddle up in bed and watch Alias. Now that's romance!

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