Wednesday, June 28

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back...

Glad to see you back, Andie!

This one's just for you: Lend an eyePosted by Picasa


Andie said...

ROFL! Well, thanks :)

A scary glimpse into the insanity that is where my brain should be: how did she know? Is it that obvious? Does EVERYONE know about the crush I had on John Travolta? No, stupid, it's just the Welcome Back song. Of course. But still...maybe she knows...oh dear, are there some sort of signs? Do I just scream *I am the dork that cut out a picture from my Rydell High "yearbook" (yes, they sold those) and put MY school picture on Olivia Newton John's body and tucked it in my math book* ??? Have I been singing BeeGees songs out loud again?


Jenn said...

Lol - naw, it was a lucky hit, I guess. The young Travolta did nothing for me. But the middle-aged Travolta ain't bad ;)

Did you ever see Boy in the Bubble? Travolta with a crazy-weak immune system at the age of...hmmm..17?

I LOVED Grease. I watched it every summer with my sisters!

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